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C63S Edition One AMG


In 2018, ATD was established with perfection as our expectation. As automotive enthusiasts, we recognized growing demand for a car detailing service designed for enthusiasts who expect nothing but the best for their vehicles. We prioritize quality of technique and equipment in order to maximize the visual appeal and longevity of the vehicles we service.


What is ATD?

Attention to Detail Dallas is a small automotive detailing shop that specializes in luxury, performance, and exotic vehicles. ATD exhibits a level of methodical detail and passion that is unmatched by any detailer in DFW.

What makes us different?

We founded ATD in 2018 with the vision of providing a detailing service for fellow automotive enthusiasts who have an eye for even the smallest details. As enthusiasts, our cars are our babies, and they deserve to be maintained with a level of excellence that only can be achieved  by a boutique, personable, shop like ATD.


Who we service

Although we specialize in luxury, performance, and exotic vehicles, we don't discriminate. If you have an eye for the details, then you've found the right place.


My name is Braden Schlimme, founder and executive detailer of Attention to Detail Dallas. I am a Lovejoy grad currently attending SMU Cox School of Business. My passion for cars lead me to explore the world of detailing. I fell in love with the art and founded ATD after recognizing a demand for quality details for enthusiasts like myself.

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