Paint Correction

Paint correction detail

Paint Enhancement

Our paint enhancement detail is our most basic paint correction detail. It is intended to bring life back to a vehicles paint. This enhancement will add gloss but will not remove deep swirls or marring.

Prices Start At:

Cars: $400

MidSize: $500

SUV: $650

Paint restoration detail

1-Stage Paint Correction

This paint correction will add depth and gloss to the paint and will remove light surface scratches. We typically see 80-85% correction with a one-stage. A one-stage polish is ideal for brand new vehicles or vehicles that have not been aggressively washed.

Prices Start At:

Cars: $700

MidSize: $850

SUV: $1000

Wheels(4): $300

Paint Polish Scratch

2-Stage Paint Correction

This paint correction begins with a compound stage where most surface scratches are permanently removed from the paint. The paint is then polished to a near perfect finish. We typically see ~95% correction with a two-stage.

Prices Start At:

Cars: $1000

MidSize: $1200

SUV: $1400

Wheels(4): $450

Watch The Process