Swissvax™ Waxes

What is Swissvax™?

Swissvax™ is and has been the leading manufacturer of luxury waxes since 1930. Hand made and poured in Switzerland, Swissvax carnauba formulations are enriched with passion fruit, orange, avocado and vanilla oils in order to restore a deep shine to the paintwork. The result is a deeper, unique "wet look" that appeals to collectors and car enthusiasts alike.

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Swissvax™ Wax

~8 Months Protection

ATD Exterior Detail+

  • Strip Residual Wax/ Sealants

  • Iron and Tar Remover

  • Light Paint Clay Bar

  • Paint Cleanse

  • Swissvax™ Concorso Painted Surfaces



swissvax wax detail allen texas

Swissvax™ Wax & Wheels

~8 Months Protection

Swissvax™ Wax+

  • Wheel Well Protection

  • Ceramic Wheel Wax



car wash and wax ceramic

ATD Signature Wax

~8 Months Protection

Swissvax™ Wax & Wheels+

  • Restore and Protect Black Plastic Trim

  • Acrylic Tire Sealant

  • Window Nano Glass Sealant